Frequently Asked Questions

We are a fully equipped mobile, pet-grooming salon. We will drive to your home, park outside of your house and groom your pet inside our van. We come fully prepared and equipped with our own water (hot and cold) and electricity. All of our vans are equipped with heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer.
Yes, since we are fully mobile and fully equipped with pet grooming essentials, we can service office and condo buildings. We can even meet you at the mall/store parking lot and groom your dog, while you go shopping.
No, you do not need to present during this time. You - or any family member – only need to be there for the drop off and pick up. You are absolutely free during grooming time.
We groom one dog at a time. There are no wait times, as you would expect at a regular (non-mobile) grooming salon. Depending on the package selected, the breed, size and behaviour of your dog, grooming can take from 30 min to 3 hours.
No, your dog will be the only one in the grooming van. We always offer one-on-one service. No cages, and no wait times.
Absolutely. Our vans, tubs, and tables are large enough to accept extra-large breeds like Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers etc.